Southwest Fox 2008 – Make Plans Now

So registration is now open for Southwest Fox 2008. I think it’s always hard for a conference web site to do it justice. You can show either pictures of the speakers
, the facilities or the food – repeat the testimonials from previous years – but the question remains:

How best to sell 3-4 days of intense FoxPro developer community interaction?

For as much as I am a “let’s blog everything so it’s available everywhere” type of person, I definitely get the value of attending the conference – so I’m really happy that I’m able to be there this year (I plan on doing some fun stuff on the road with the FoxShow as well for the show)

I find Bud Wheeler’s (of Visionpace) comment particularly fitting for this year: “You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to learn what is new and exciting in VFP.”

At the most recent Rock the Launch event in Ottawa, many were saying “what’s new with a product that Microsoft isn’t doing new stuff with?” – THAT’S our challenge – to show that FoxPro has always been able to rely on its fantastic community just as much as its software maker to create the innovation that VFP offers businesses.

This year should be particularly exciting – since it’s the first year that the direction of VFP is completely in our hands!

Register today or if you need someone to convince you more, call me (415-578-4496!)

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