Someone forgot the VFP splash screen?

Kind of funky – after installing SP2, I was hit with two issues:

One was more serious – my apps wouldn’t run with the runtime, or at least the runtimes that were in the Shared/VFP folder. When I moved them to my app directory, they worked fine. Go figure.

The second was a head-scratcher. Now, I know Microsoft isn’t putting more resources into VFP development and I know the team worked really hard on getting SP2 completed with everything. But is there any reason why they couldn’t have properly cleaned up the splash screen? Here is what comes up when you first start FoxPro:

UPDATE: Yag has identified that they missed the file. Expect a refresh soon.

Looks like someone edited a bitmap file with MS Paint. On that topic, anyone know how to change the splash screen that is within the EXE?

I remember with older versions of Windows, it was simply a file that was attached to the end of the EXE.

5 thoughts on “Someone forgot the VFP splash screen?”

  1. About the splash screen, it is stored in the file VFP9CHS.DLL and has the resource name – REGISTRATIONP in the Bitmap section. It can be edited by any resource editor.

    However I don’t know whether MS will allow anyone to edit this absolutely sloppy bit in this release.

    I sincerely hope the actual SP2 and fixes are not as sloppily done.

  2. It is also in the VFP9CHT, VFP9KOR and VFP9ENU DLLS. I guess for the English version you will need to edit the VFP9ENU.DLL

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