Software Project Management: Work Item Database

Hmph…Team System’s work item database sounds awfully similar to SourceGear’s SourceOffSite Collaboration Edition. You create a bug – when you check in code, you identify the bug number and can update the issue as fixed or not.

I, for one, wish that SourceGear would offer more in the way of their collab edition. It sounds like VS Team Edition is going to be way out of the market for many development teams.

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  1. True, Craig but it shows there’s an awful large hole that will still need to be filled when Team System comes out (maybe another example of MS looking at one set of trees when they should be looking at the entire forest).

    Do they think that small dev teams don’t have a need for project management or bug tracking?

    That Team System is based on MSF Agile goes completely against that process, because they have another formal framework for larger corporate teams (MSF Formal).

    Eric’s Sink had a great post when Team System was released about his thoughts on it. I think a company like SourceGear would do well to improve their own offering of SourceSafe Collab edition, price their Vault product (which does use SQL Server) for the low end, and come up with some better project management tools.

  2. Andrew:

    Thanks for the comments.

    A quick teaser – Be on the lookout for SourceGear Dragnet. It is similar in concept to Collab except integrates with Vault.

    A full release can be expected within the next couple of months.

    Jeff Clausius

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