Social Media and Recruiting: ways to go?

This is a great 4 minute review of how social networking is changing the world…Some of the stats are pretty incredible to think about.

I’ve been off Twitter and FB for a while now but using LinkedIn and VisualCV when looking for contract work. What was interesting was that one of the recruiters I was talking to was starting to get into the habit of using LinkedIn for searching for people.

I’m sure in the US and other areas, this has pretty much already happened for recruiters months and years ago. What’s different here though, is that these are federal government recruiters – one demographic that has not really embraced social media (at least in Canada).

At any rate, very interesting and well-done presentation.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media and Recruiting: ways to go?”

  1. Hello Andrew,

    Could you describe what you're doing with LinkedIn to search for contract work? Or perhaps I should say, describe how you make yourself available for contract work via LinkedIn? I'm a member, but I'm not sure really how to take advantage of it fully. Thanks.

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