So what would be your one question?

The Fox Show has been featuring interviews with the Southwest Fox speakers and other community members. Now every time I do an interview, I prepare a list of questions that deal with an upcoming session and their views on development, yada, yada, yada.

Now, although there is some advertising on the FoxShow, it’s more to help cover costs than to make a million. In fact, in the last show, I made the point that if anyone in the FoxPro community wants to talk about a particular product, topic or just come on and tell me how wrong I am about everything, by all means please do. So it really is, similar to the Working Podcast, a community podcast.

So that said, I have an interview coming up with a member of the FoxTeam (KL) – and so now I’m asking you – what question do you want answered?

You can immediately dispense with the obvious ones: where is MS Marketing on VFP, when is VFP going to be in the CLR, etc- those are questions that have been asked and answered. And you can also see a lot of questions the group has already answered in David Stevenson’s interview right during DevCon.

So with all the things that have been said at DevCon, on the VFP Web site, on the blogs, what is the one thing you want to know?

Let me know.

6 thoughts on “So what would be your one question?”

  1. 1. I’d like to utilize VFP Logos in my advertising, similar to the VB or
    SQL logos that other shops use. How Do I legally utilize a VFP logo in any
    advertising? If the answer is :
    a) You can only use the box logo (or)
    b) Please forward all advertising to us before you go to press (or)
    c) You cannot use any VFP Logos on any advertising
    then we absolutely need to put this to Ken’s Boss, and Not Ken.

    2. I would like a SKU # and price for VFP RunTimes that I can install on
    any *nix machine.

    3. The Programmer’s Guide for VFP6 was a great printed resource. Will
    there be a printed version for VFP 9 and later?

    4. In the MSDN areas – there is no mention of VFP. When will you change
    Looking for entries at:
    and of that ilk. I am pleased it is finally listed here but I asked about its ommission
    starting in Version 7, and it did not reappear until the launch of Version

  2. Bill,

    1. I’ll ask about the logos – wasn’t there an initiative a while back for VFP developers to say “Built with VFP” – do you know whatever happened to that?

    2. You KNOW the answer to that one. That door has been closed for a while now.

    3. MS doesn’t have printed programmer guides anymore – they sell books by third party authors instead.

    4. It’s there now – why bring up old stuff?

    No, VFP isn’t going to be listed under their Key Technologies but then again, neither is the Tablet PC.

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