So many conferences, so little time…

In my ideal world, I would be able to attend just about every conference out there – Gnomedex, Advisor DevCon, Southwest Fox, FoxForward, dFPUG and more. Realistically, it’s hard for a number of reasons : work, expenses, time, family. I’m always a big promoter of conferences putting some of their sessions online as well, even if it costs something. There’s value in conferences even if all the attendees can’t get there.  Southwest is going to have a business track which is great – especially because of the number of small business or independent consultants in the FoxPro community.

The Business of Software Conference , coming in San Jose in October, looks like another one that a lot of people would get something out of. It’s got a nice mix of developers (Eric Sink, Joel Spolsky), some marketing people, one of my favorite speakers and also Bill Buxton, who has a GREAT session (you can see him speak at the Boston CHI session which is available online)

It’s also close  after the Southwest Fox conference – what a perfect time to tour the entire Southwest of the US.

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