So long Newsgator (for me, at least)

Change is never easy.

I’ve been using Newsgator for several years now (even bought it when it was a commercial user tool) and have loved seeing it move from an upstart newsreader (congrats Greg!) to a great enterprise tool.

When Google Reader came along, I still continued to use Newsgator mostly for the great Newsgator Go (or mobile) version. I loved being able to read feeds on my phone without having to go online every time.

Sadly today, in my inbox, I received word that they are no longer going to support these tools for consumer use after August 31st.

Now I have to move all of the great clips (another great feature of Newsgator) to another reader. I don’t mind Google Reader but I will really miss not having it on my Windows mobile device. That said, it may convince me to look at other phones now that one of my main reasons for staying away from the iPhone and others was NewsGator Go.

To their credit, Newsgator is providing some great transition tips encouraging users to move to Google. It’s a win-win for Google Reader, certainly but I will definitely miss Newsgator as my consumer reader.

Good luck in the future, Newsgator – you were a wonderful tool and exactly what I was looking for, when I needed it.