Silverlight Shows off XAML on a Mac

Craig points to a great demo of one of the Silverlight promises: dynamic language runtime. While it would have been nice to have seen VFP being one of the languages (I wonder if the guys have looked at cracking this), it does offer a window on the power of XAML.

But Craig, this really isn’t a great “Command Window” – but then on the web, what is?

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4 thoughts on “Silverlight Shows off XAML on a Mac”

  1. How much can you really show in a 15 minute demo that also shows four languages. Plus, the purpose of the demo was to show Silverlight, not the Command Window. I saw some “Command Window” demos at the MVP Summit and came away very impressed. Also keep in mind that this feature for VB isn’t slated until VB 10, which, I’me guessing, won’t be out until 2009, so lots of enhancements will probably be made.

  2. I see your point – but I wouldn’t call it a “Command window” but then I’m one of those who would think that the command window could stand some serious improvement – much like you described in your earlier posts!

  3. Just wanted to add that the DLR is separate from Silverlight. VB10 supports both the CLR and the DLR. The DLR (which works with, say, Winforms) is what Craig is really talking about. Not just web (like Silverlight).


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