Showing Line Numbers in The Trace Window

Colin Nichols ( recently reminded me of a feature that is “hidden” in the Visual FoxPro Options dialog. By default, it’s not turned on and it’s tricky to get to, obviously designed by an engineer who didn’t run it through a few UI options.
Go to the Options dialog in Visual FoxPro and click on the Debug window. Everything looks pretty standard there, except did you know that if you click on one of the options in the Specify Window box, the options below it change? (check out the next set of images loaded)
In fact, not all the options change: each window has its own font control but the following windows have their own options:
Call Stack
– Show call stack order.
– Show current line indicator (defaults to on)
– Show call stack indicator
– Log debug output. Great to automatically set a file where your debug output goes.
– Show Line Numbers
– Trace Between Breakpoints
Now, many of you (who READ the documentation or like to click around) may be aware of this (in fact, I remembered it but only AFTER Colin jogged my memory).  This is one of those UI design things that make it difficult for new programmers to work with the environment. If nothing else, all those Window specific options should exist in the right-click in the debugger. You can’t access some of these options anywhere else but in the options dialog.
Reminder Note: When trying to find a feature in Visual FoxPro, search through the Options dialog for all those little “hidden” features that may not be obvious.