Shedding Some Light

Rick Schummer’s got a blog (and yes, Craig, he did get his RSS feed going).

Rick, in your post on Common Courtesy, you noted that it would have so much nicer if you hadn’t gotten called on it in the wide open.

That’s one of the downsides (goodsides??) of blogging – people are going to call you on things right off bat – the only gotcha is that they may not make a note directly on your blog as a comment To be fair, Craig has gotten more than his share of “call outs” when his blog was down for commenting and archives.

I’ve been called on a lot of embarassing omissions on the site ( I asked about what type of headphone jack an iPod uses when it’s right on the web site) – as well as in real life (I tech edited an article that mentioned “Lisa Slater” when she was already “Lisa Slater Nichols” – oops!)

I’ve been accused of being pro-Linux, pro-MS, and a bunch of other stuff. I think the best way to deal with it all is realize that in the blogosphere, there are some basic rules:

1. Some people don’t like to leave comments. Instead, they leave them on their blog. It’s hard to know how many people are reading and whatnot but many people are turning into “Scoble” and simply don’t read email, very rarely leave comments and simply read the feeds.

2. Some people love to leave comments. Long, rambling posts that everyone’s eyes glaze over on (I’m sure some will be doing it on this on) and others that are super short (and leave everyone saying huh?).

3. There are no real rules in the blogosphere. There are people who will be rude and unforgiving (and you can always unsubscribe those blogs) and then there are those who write great blogs that others point to.

Here’s a perfect example – I could have simply written you a comment on your blog on this but instead, I’m putting up my own post – why?

A) I want you to get linked or noticed by whoever else may read

my blog

b) I hate leaving comments especially when I go off on a tangent that combines thoughts on your post and my own ideas as well.

On a similar note, I’m super psyched that more and more Fox people are coming onto the blogosphere. More tools, more links, more fun, more Fox. Welcome!

I noted a few weeks ago that I’m putting together a PodCast regarding FoxPro, if anyone wants to be involved, interviewed, has ideas or background music thoughts, shoot me an email or grab me on Skype (akselsoft) or MSN (akselsoft).

Shedding Some Light