Now that’s a good sign.

Yesterday, there was only one lonely member in the Visual FoxPro SednaX community and now there’s 19.

I sense Craig is hearing some pushback from former community members but his post “Want to invent VFP’s future?” is certainly a good read.

No, the community may not be able to get MS to do everything they want – but there have certainly been a number of times when a lone FoxPro developer has come to MS and said “here’s what I did” and the reaction was nothing short of “wow”.

And if you think about it – all of the little pieces found in VFP today – the FFC, the component gallery, the object browser, even the new Report Listener architecture – all of them are initiatives written, supported, developed, or architected by members of the community (heck, with few exceptions, most of the Fox team at MS is “FROM” the community)

So how to start? Maybe the best idea would be to look at the Wiki list of things people want to see and figure out which ones are definitely NOT going to be handled by MS. Ah the list has already begun on the message board.