Sedna mutates further: SednaX and Y chromosomes

CORRECTION: I mistakenly referred to Claude Fox as being the author of ActiveFoxProPages. this is incorrect- as wOOdy notes below, Active FoxPro Pages is from ProLib which is a commercial tool. Claude Fox is the author of ActiveVFP. Sorry for the confusion.

OK – so in the beginning there was Sedna (well ,really in the beginning there was JPL but that’s another story). Then Ken and Craig really started promoting SednaX. And now Claude Fox, author of the open source ActiveVFP (corrected), has started SednaY.

Whereas SednaX has a specific philosophy of not creating or endorsing tools that compete with existing commercial tools (for example, you likely won’t see a SednaX Report Manager tool), SednaY has a focus on building open-source tools “in the area of web development and associated technologies.”

There’s a great article noted there about how to debug VFP web servers (i.e COM).

The more, the merrier.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    sorry, but your’re mixing up things here. Claude Fox is the Author of “ActiveVFP”, which was originally a commercial product. After not too much luck with his “me too” FoxPro-Web-application, he tried to sell his business to several other vendors and finally ended up declaring it as “Open Source”.

    Active FoxPro Pages (short “AFP”) in contrast is stil a commercial application from ProLib Software in Germany (, which means strong support, ongoing development and a stable and reliable engine, which is used in a lot of missioncritical environments.

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