Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger


rants about the need for MS to provide a better for video capture.

This is where he should check out MS Producer and convince them to make the product more geared towards BlogCasting. Don’t know who to talk to? I know that Sheldon Fisher used to be doing some of the work for it at MS back in 2002. Back then, it was critical to get DVD support, etc.

But now? You know, if they made a few minor tweaks in this product, they could set the entire podcasting/blogcasting world on fire! Making it easy for everyone.

What tweaks?

– Automatic RSS Feed

– Automatic Post to MSN Spaces

– Built-in blog post for it

– Remove the dependency on PowerPoint (keep it in because that can make a BlogCast VERY presentable but don’t require it)

Robert: “Windows Media Encoder is free, yes, but you almost need a computer science degree to use it. I wish we had a really great compression component and a really great uploading component that we could use in our Web-based apps.”

You do – in MS Producer. Check it out.