Scoble: Make MS Dev More Transparent

As he writes later in the day, they are already doing this. Devs read blogs for all kinds of reasons – the problem is that the media picks up on stuff and considers it gospel and this is what the Legal team fears.
This is kind of like Arnie’s comments in CA. People attack him for (possibly) saying something over 25 years ago despite all he has done in the past to show his true commitments. The biggest fear the Marketing and Legal groups always have is that someone in the media takes a comment and then treats it like public policy.
In Ontario (where I live), we just had an election where the number one issue turned out to be that the (eventually) losing incumbent party sent out a quick email calling the competition “a kitten-eating reptile from another planet”. This became the entire big MEDIA problem.
Get over it, reporters! Get over it , media and such. Stop looking for scoops in blogs. They are simply ways to communicate. Maybe we should all hire lawyers to watch everything we say, er, write, er think. (I can’t complete this sentence because my lawyer has advised me that thinking the way I am, someone will undoubtedly come up and accuse me of being ______ (fill in the blank with your own term))