Scoble and the Mac Mini

I don’t think Scoble gets it completely. There’s no way you can compare an HP Pavilion from Walmart to a Mac mini. Why not?

1. HP Pavillions are not built the same way. I’ve owned a few – they hang regularly (not just due to Windows) and they are VERY limited boxes.

2. The Mac Mini is targeted as a second computer for someone who wants to experience the Mac for the first time and already has the other stuff (Monitor, keyboard, mouse).

Apple still has things to do to get it right (read MS Monitor for a good analysis of the challenges ahead) and the Mac mini is not going to cause a huge dent in the Windows market share but would you pay $499 for a machine that is extremely stable and “just works”?

It will be interesting to see how inventory levels are by the start of summer.

Mini Macintosh announced by Apple today

2 thoughts on “Scoble and the Mac Mini”

  1. It’s a cheap shot, but what else can Scoble do? It includes an operating system, based on BSD, that runs thousands of *nix applications (Apache, MySQL, PostGreSQL) for free. It includes a mail client, an address book, a calendar, a music player, iLife – cool digital tools for photos, music, MIDI and DVD/CD mastering, a light office suite (Works) and a chat client. Hundreds of commercial packages are available, too, including some from Microsoft themselves, a long-term vendor on the Apple platforms.

    It plugs into an ethernet or modem jack and you are up and running! It connects to networks Windows (via Samba), Mac (Appletalk) and the rest of the world (TCP/IP) without needing an upgrade to the “Pro” version to connect to a domain. Built in.

    I bought one of the “bell-bottom” iMacs last year, and it has become my primary desktop machine. It is a pleasure to use. It Just Works.

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