Running VFP 9 with Windows NT 4?

Saw a recent note from Woody

You may know, VFP9 (IDE and RT) are not working on NT4 based
systems due to a not resolved API call. This may get fixed in a possible SP, but until then maybe this statement by Rainer Becker (Leader of the German FoxPro Usergroup) may be of interest:

Please inform your readers/customers/users in your next issue / email that a free patch for VFP 9.0 is available to run it on NT 4.0.

The patch has been created by the German FoxPro User Group ( and can be found at the dFPUG document portal in the directory

so VFP-developers do not need to wait any more to buy an update of VFP 9.0 if they or their customers still use NT4.

Some Technical details what the patch program does:

1. vfp90nt4.dll is copied to Windows system directory
2. vfp9r.dll and vfp9t.dll in VFP-Runtime folder at “Shared Files” are
3. vfp9.exe in VFP-program directory is patched.
4. vfp9.exe, vfp9r.dll, vfp9t.dll in same directory are patched.
5. backup copies of all files are made (extension .001, .002 and so on)

A patched VFP9 file will run on any operating system as long as it can find vfp90nt4.dll in the windows system directory or the current directory. The patch program can be forwarded to users if needed but you are not allowed to offer it as an own download – please link to the above mentionend directory instead. Patching executables might cause problems with virus filters and/or licence agreements. No guarantees whatsoever for patch program and results.


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  1. A quick search in Google directed me to this post of yours, which fixed my vfp9 can’t run on NT4 problem.

    Thanks Andrew (and of course the German User Group).

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