RSS 2.0 and Visual FoxPro

Saw this on the Wiki from Alex Feldstein –

Craig Boyd posted a VFP routine for converting an RSS feed into a DBF file.

Why might you want to do this?

Maybe you want to build your own news aggregator or offer automatic updates into your application. If you publish your “updates” as an RSS feed, then you can manage it a little easier with a table.

Or maybe you can start posting updates directly on your web site that do all kinds of updates. One of our Horizon applications, for example, allows users to put dynamic code for business rule validation. I’ve been asking the development team to find a way to have updates to the built-in business rules automatically download from a web site. Using RSS would be the ideal way to accomplish this.

Now some of you might say, why not simply do it as a separate XML web server – the value of the RSS approach is that the content can be updated using a simple BLOG post (something every support person or end user can figure out) and then my reader can then put it into the proper place. Kind of like structured blogging.

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