Rick: FoxPro Rocks Parsing Data

Oh yeah! I had a similar case recently only I had to create a database from about 5 different versions of the same catalog document. The time was a bit different due to manual checking and inconsistent terminology but I could only imagine how much time it would take for a non-VFP developer to do the same.

I wonder how many companies have documents that should really be databases? I’ll bet that number is huge.

I know that once all data is saved as XML, it won’t make THAT much of a difference, right? (at least that’s what we keep getting told – nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

I think when that finally happens, a whole series of new tools wil be needed. I noticed on SednaX, someone was asking for something similar to the BizTalk Document Manager. That tool is very cool but, in my mind, still overly complicated for what some people want or need to do. Maybe there is a need for a lower-end VFP tool to do something similar – in effect, it becomes an automated XSL generator. I know there are some XML tools out there (XML Spy I believe or XML Studio) that do it – anyone have any success with them?

But until all documents are done in XML (which means everyone has to upgrade to a future version of Office or get off the Upgrade Train), there’s really only one tool (that I know of) that totally rocks. Any ideas as to what that might be?

Shedding Some Light: FoxPro Rocks Parsing Data