Rick and Detroit get dominated by Craig!

Rick Schummer has done an excellent job covering what Craig Boyd talked about at the Detroit FoxPro User Group. There are a series of posts:

End Notes
Vista and Visual FoxPro
GDI+ – I’m not sure when I would use a button with 2 images on it but I’m sure I will at some point
Encryption and RegEx – Question on this? Why wouldn’t you use the CryptoAPI FCC for encryption? I realize it is OS dependent but Crypto is fairly standard these days, no?
Introduction to the Power of Community

I hope the recording turned out!

And I’m sure, fresh from all that, Rick just had to try and turn around some negative comments on ProFox. This is one of the reasons why I find myself simply not reading much of ProFox or any forum threads regularly anymore – I look at first run topics but that’s about it. For every 5 great posts, there are about 50 “fanboy” or “anti-fanboy” comments and just degenerate the old conversation.

Great series of posts Rick!