Registering Web services

I was revising a web service over the weekend and tried to post it and got the lovely “Problem accessing the Listener URI” error message in Visual FoxPro. So off to troubleshoot by searching on the web for this message. The problem started on Friday but I got pulled away and had to look at other things. Took out a bunch of stuff, including disabling my SharePoint server (which I love) only to not resolve the problem.
Then just on the off-chance, tried to visit one of my own URL on my server: DSN Error. Hmmm…problem isn’t as big as it may have been. Tried accessing the server from another box – no problem.
As it turns out, one of my other trouble-shooting episodes (getting Rogers Cable to work with Webex (, I had set IE’s proxy server to cache. Note: NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. Removed the proxy server and whammo – everything worked like a charm.
It’s one of those things though that you would expect to be on a checklist somewhere. And so ( – please add to it as needed.