Putting Speech to Work in VFP

Here’s a Microsoft article on bringing speech functionality into your Web applications with this set of development tools, based on the Speech Application Language Tags specification.
Equally applicable to Desktop applications as well. May use some of these in my new project FoxVoice (a speech enabled development environment for VFP!)
The concept (and I’ve tested this and it works, “kind of”)
User calls out Form.
VFP creates a form and displays it.
Add Label.
VFP adds a label to the form.
Add Textbox.
VFP adds a text box to the form.
Modify Label
Move Right 20
VFP moves the label 20 pixels to the right.
Property AutoSize True
Property Caption User Name
VFP changes Label caption to say User Name
Modify Textbox
Move Right 50
VFP moves Textbox to the right of the label
Anyways, it’s kind of cool – gives great demo but also makes it very easy to prototype. More to come on this later…