Propaganda Is from MixMeister!

Now that’s cool – Propaganda is made by MixMeister, a music mixing software company.

I had tried out their product when looking for a good virtual DJ tool. You can tell in Propaganda. The trial version still shows things like “New Playlist” when it’s supposed to be a Podcasting tool. Such a little change would make such a better first impression.

The other thing I really liked in MixCastLive was the ability to assign sounds to “buttons” so while I was recording my voice, I could easily add in a “whoosh” or something.

That’s basically because there are two different ways of building podcasts: Live and recorded. Of course, someone may always edit them later on but the Live approach is so much more fun because you’re recording right there and you don’t have to make notes like “don’t forget to put the whoosh here”. Yes, you may need to edit the file later to remove the ahs and gotchas but overall it’s much more “Here I am and here we go.” You are the “star” or the “presenter”.

BUT if you record everything in advance, it’s also beneficial because you can then splice things together. You become the “Editor” or the “planner”

In truth, you have to be both but I wish there was ONE tool that did everything.

Propaganda Podcasting Software

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