Privacy Bill of Rights?

I tend to keep out of political issues but after just seeing this headline – Hillary Clinton calls for “privacy bill of rights” – I have to ask – has the US Constitution been trampled on so much that no one has any regard for its amendment process?

A separate “bill of rights” ends up being as useless as some group getting together to form some “taxpayer’s bill of rights” – they end up being silly, derided and a big waste of time.

If loss of privacy is such a huge issue, then add it to the only “bill of rights” that the US has – the Constitution so that everyone, from the Supreme court on down, has to respect it.

Or maybe she hasn’t really thought this through and just wanted talking points…

Oh well, this is why I stay out of this stuff. Politically, there are MORE important things to worry about, like losing the ability to show public domain works.
Update: And yes I do know that there is confusion about what the WIPO amendment might mean – but really, just as it’s important to focus on issues, it’s also important to put the results of that focus into something meaningful.