Power Outage: Gotta get a generator

How about that? Right in the middle of a presentation, at 4:15 yesterday, bang! all the power goes out.
At first, I thought it was just our area but then I realized it was a little more. Thank goodness I purchased that 10 minute UPS on my server and I ran everything off as a Terminal Server.
People that were watching the presentation had about 15 minutes to save everything and the meeting was still a success!
Still, you have to wonder how it could be that one outage could affect an area of 9000 miles. If that isn’t a cause for a major alert, I don’t know what is.
(for those of you not in on the goings on, pretty much all of north-east North America had a power outage for a period of (at this stage, at least 18 hours), affecting Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, New York City and their respective states/provinces. Power is now coming on in spurts but we have all been warned to be ready for rolling blackouts.