Power of CSS

I noted Goran’s earlier post about tables vs. css, especially about how tables are more consistently rendered than CSS. While I’m fairly well versed in basic CSS (cascading style sheets), I primarily think of it for font and basic style changes. Then I came across css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design – this site really shows the power of CSS. The basic HTML is simply a bunch of text using div statements – it’s the CSS that creates the full effect.

It IS noted on the page that CSS isn’t browser consistent – but it does give a great showcase of what is possible.

Great site!

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2 thoughts on “Power of CSS”

  1. Wow! I’m impressed that the site is still running. I noted it in my blog in May of 2003!


    CSS has improved over the years, as has our best practices with it, and most importantly, the consistency of the browsers in rendering it. Following the guidance of the gurus like Eric Meyer and Zeldman, it’s possible to render consistently between browsers. Check out http://www.ucoes.com and http://www.ucoes.com/ucoes.css for an example: no tables!

  2. CSS is excellent and I agree that the results it can deliver are nothing short of breathtaking. I do know that it is absolutely possible to make browsers display the CSS layout in a consistent manner but sometimes the hoops that need to be jumped through to achieve it are simply not worth it.

    Tables can be used to make simple layouts easier to implement and they just work. I am in no way against the use of CSS but I do wish to come to the defence of the good old reliable table… 🙂

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