Why the js/ts Visual Studio Experience is a welcome addition and what it needs more

https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/the-new-javascript-typescript-experience-in-vs-2022-preview-3/ The promise noted in this announcement sounds very exciting. Sure, you can do most of this already with VS Code – but encouraging this type of development directly in Visual Studio is awesome. The one thing I would like to see is built-in support for Cypress – my e2e testing tool of choice. (Https://www.cypress.it) … Read more

Why You Need a New Error Handler

Error handling is an integral part of application development. Unless you are like myself and never release code with bugs 🙂 , the need for clients to tell you what's wrong is important. I've seen a number of error handlers in the past, dating all the way back to Pat Adam's famous FP2ERROR routine (back … Read more

Load Only the Projects You Need with Solution Filters

https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/load-only-the-projects-you-need-with-solution-filters/ While I don't have a hundreds of projects in a solution, our larger application definitely has a few that don't need to be loaded each time (test apps, etc). It's a great feature but not very discoverable – I can see why they needed a blog post for it. Maybe the VS Team can … Read more

Copying Git Repos with History

Sometimes the Internet is great – you can find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and easily. Other times, it takes you down a rabbit hole of different sites that may provide the right answer but, more often than not, the 90% rule is often true.  So when we decided to consolidate our multiple git … Read more

Virtual FoxFest 2020

AKSEL presented a session on the VueJS framework known as Quasar and how Visual FoxPro developers can harness its power for building future applications. Watch it below: Sessions given at Virtual FoxFest included

Micromega Systems – Business Analytics made easy

From a customer, to a trainer to a partner, Mr. MacNeill has provided Micromega Systems with the support for their leading edge Foxfire! Query & Reporting tool. Foxfire! is a reporting tool that produces easy to understand reports from information in a wide variety of data sources, including SQL Server, Excel, SQL Server Analysis Cubes, and … Read more

RCMP – Understanding Business Data

2000-Present In 2003, the Forensic Lab section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had introduced a new Management System (LIMS) and required advanced business reporting and development services. Over the past fifteen years, the system has been updated, extending its original scope. Mr. MacNeill: Technologies Used: Crystal Reports, HTML, SQL Server, FoxPro, Foxfire!, Microsoft Office … Read more

Who is Andrew MacNeill?

Andrew MacNeill has been developing business solutions since 1990. He is a Microsoft Professional Developer and has been certified since 1994. Heavily involved in the FoxPro community, Andrew is the author of GENMENUX, a popular public domain tool for menu design and a project leader in VFPX, the open-source FoxPro toolkit. He has managed development teams … Read more


Foxfire! is the report writer for everyday business people. With Foxfire! you can extract and mine data from nearly any database and create many different outputs in minutes – reports, spreadsheets, charts, pivot tables, data files, and more – without becoming a database geek. (Of course many database geeks use Foxfire! too, because they can do … Read more

The FoxShow – Virtual FoxFest 2020 Interview

Please check out my FoxShow interview with Rick Schummer, Tamar Granor and Doug Hennig about the upcoming Virtual FoxFest conference. The conference is spread out over three days in October with speakers from around the world. Since it’s over three days, it’s easy to attend and definitely affordable. It’s also using Hopin, a virtual conferencing … Read more