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Just got back from VFP DevCon 2003 in Palm Springs, California – where the lows were 98 degrees and the highs were 110! Note: Thanks to Ted Roche ( who showed me his Blog and inspired me to do the same! Overall, it was a great conference! Great to see both old faces and new! Total Attendance: Around 375. Highlights: A sneak peak at what MS has planned for Europa, the next version of VFP! Announced items include an improved report designer, the removal of many existing SQL limitations, brand new data types (VarChar and VarBinary) and Index types and …


Nav Canada

1997 The NavCanada Flight Invoicing System was responsible for the corporation invoicing of aviation systems through Canadian airspace. As Project Manager and lead developer, Mr. MacNeill: Upgraded existing Transport Canada system to Windows-based system for use with newly created Crown Corporation Capture and documented existing application processes and mapped to new and evolving business changes as brought on by the Worked with additional PMs and managed a team of developers in designing an Oracle Financials interface into the new system. Technologies Used: Oracle, Microsoft Office, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic


1996-1998 Exocom Systems was one of Ottawa’s premier consulting firms in the 1990’s, specializing in┬átechnologies from a number of vendors. Mr. MacNeill joined the Microsoft division and brought his expertise in development and analysis. His management and presentation skills at Microsoft-sponsored conferences helped Exocom become one of the first Microsoft Regional Directors in Ottawa. As Project Manager and lead developer, Mr. MacNeill: Provided systems analysis and design specifications for government and private companies in implementing office improvements systems using COTS software (Microsoft Office) and custom development  Led small development teams in providing solutions to clients such as Justice Canada and Credit …


Credit Union Institute of Canada

1999 The Online Education Management System was the first online system for the Institute’s Ottawa branch, responsible for managing the courses for Professional programs for credit unions across Canada and their employees. Mr. MacNeill was the principal architect and designer of the system responsible for: Analyzing business requirements in conjunction with the management of the CUIC and their partners, turning the requirements into a functional system specification Designing of online system with contractors Assisting in the deployment of system on internal network infrastructure Training of Ottawa-based permanent and temporary staff on usage of new system Technologies Used: Visual Studio, SQL Server, ASP, Javascript, …


PC Edge

1992-1994 Corporate Renaissance Group is now one of Microsoft’s Gold Dynamics Partners. Mr. MacNeill’s work with its previous incarnation, PC Edge, helped revolutionize Salary Management Systems across the Canadian Federal Government. He also became a Development Manager, responsible for hiring new talent and managing technical responses to RFPs for government departments and agencies, such as the Canadian Figure Skating Association.


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