Playing Music on SmartPhones and Pocket PCs

Rick posted about some proprietary plugs on his

AudioVox SmartPhone – same thing exists with the HP Pocket PCs – and yes, it IS very annoying.

However , like Rick, I find the MUSIC experience annoying as well.

My main gripe?

I can’t assign button controls to cue podcasts properly. Yes, I can assign that the Left button moves me back a track and the right button moves me forward and the center does a play and a pause BUT what I really need (especially now that most of my stuff is done with Podcasts and BlogMatrix radio downloadings) – is a cue button. It’s a real pain to have to pull out my stylus (while driving) or use my thumb to attempt to move the little “thumb” further along the sound track.

What’s more? 64MB ROM simply isn’t enough – after installing the latest patches, I don’t have room for anything anymore – even with my 1GB SD card (which only holds music and podcasts).