Outlook in VFP

Emerson Reed shows yet another great interface done entirely in native Visual FoxPro.

This is similar to what some of the new VFPX projects are about: building great looking interface natively in Visual FoxPro without the need to use ActiveX controls. Of course, if you need to, you can always use them.

This brings up one of the requests that I heard mentioned in VFPX (back when it was SednaX): application templates. Developers don’t necessarily need a full framework – but they do like shells of programs that accomplish certain tasks. Some things immediately come to mind:

a) regular desktop applications (well, that’s why there are FRAMEWORKS)
b) Windows XP Service or Systray type applications
c) Add-ins and builder templates
d) COM middle-tier components
e) Multi-threaded components (oh yeah, that’s where VFPY comes in)
f) Web-based (typically done through tools like West-Wind WebConnect, ActiveFoxPro Pages, ActiveVFP or others)

What other “types” of applications are you building that wouldn’t be covered by recommendations to build that?

Emerson Santon Reed : Outlook2003Bar control