Outlook 2003 is beginning to wear on me

I’m having a particular problem that only recently started happening in Outlook 2003 and it’s beginning to really bug me.
Whenever I send an email, it goes into my Outbox before sending. No problem there, right?
Well, if I go back INTO my Outbox just to look at the messages, the messages no longer get sent. It’s like they think they are “DRAFT” messages. This never used to happen (and I can’t think of what’s changed unless it was a service pack or something). I have to actually re-open the message, cut and paste it and then resend it as a brand new email.
But now, it’s even worse. If I am in the Outbox folder, and try to open the email to create a new one (so it will actually send), it automatically looks as though I’m reading it and so it won’t send.
I’m going to post this to a forum somewhere but if someone off hand knows the solution, please advise. I’m currently running a few add-ons in my Outlook including Lookout, Newsgator and OnFolio (wonder if that’s the culprit).
I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. That’s been the Outlook behavior for sometime. If you look at a message in the outbox, don’t close it. Click the Send button instead. Another option is to setup Outlook so that it send immediately.

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