One of those days

What a weird problem….

My application uses a Cursor Adapter class connecting to SQL server. When it runs in the VFP IDE, no problems whatsoever but as soon as I take it out to run it as its own EXE, after every few minutes, the Connection becomes invalid.

Frustrating as…well, you know. Something is timing it out but I’m just not sure where it is…then again, it may be because I’m running the VFP 9 SP1 beta.

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. I have this problem with when I assign an imagelist to a treeview control, using DB2.

    From Jim Saunders (MS):

    Yes, we know about it.

    In the repro I have, calling FOR EACH against the _VFP.FORMS collection causes the connection handle to be released. Using _SCREEN.FORMS does not cause the problem. Look for a fix for this in the released version of SP1.

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