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Scoble noted this yesterday but it’s something that’s been talked about for a while – a way to have a map that tells you where blogs are coming from.

This is likely one of the first in a variety of ways for matching blogs and sites directly with physical locations. Adam Curry was talking about his soundscene tours and thinking how cool it would be to go to a place and be able to find all of the sound scenes for that particular location.

Only problem with this? If you did on a place like Fry’s or a tech store, it may have 100 blogs on it because of when people did individual posts.

What would make Chandu’s site even more cool would be if you could link an individual POST to a location. That way, when you’re out on the road and make a post about a particular location, then it would show that location.

So my link is apparently here:

Now I’ll have to see how that works.

(update: no such luck – wonder what I’m missing)

c s t h o t a . c o m – BlogMap

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