Office 2007 Setup Woes

So I was all set to install Office 2007 a few days ago, fresh from the MSDN download but when I first tried it , I got the “This setup is for a different language” message.

Hmph – have to redownload.

So today I finally got around to it.

Step 1 – You have to uninstall the previous beta version. (maybe MS shouldn’t release real public betas anymore – I can only imagine regular users getting that message and becoming frustrated. (yes – I KNOW that regular users shouldn’t be using the beta but when the habit “du jour” is to promote betas instead of releasing new products, it shouldn’t be a big surprise))

Step 2 – During the uninstall, you should stop this program. Only problem? They didn’t tell me what program so I had to arbitrarily decide which applications to stop. I think it may have been Google Desktop but I could be wrong.

Step 3 – Into the Install. Five minutes in – Office Setup couldn’t find one of the files. Huh? I’m installing this from a FOLDER on the computer itself. And then it tells me to look in Office 10’s help file. But the best part? After saying it was rolling back the changes, it then said I had to reboot. Reboot what? It didn’t DO anything. I’m with Craig on this one – APPLICATION INSTALLS SHOULD NEVER, EVER REQUIRE A REBOOT. But even more so, APPLICATION FAILED INSTALLS SHOULD NEVER, EVER REQUIRE A REBOOT.

Step 4 – Restarted the machine. The Start menu said “New programs installed.” Looked in the start menu and wow! There is Office 2007.

Go figure. Guess I did need to restart after all.

Maybe this is something that can be fixed BEFORE Office 2007 is available for the general public.

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  1. Hi Andrew!
    Could you send two screenshots (one for silver and other for black theme) from Outlook 2007 left shortcut bar to me?
    I want to implement these new themes in Outlook2003Bar.

    Emerson Santon Reed
    emerson_reed at hotmail dot com

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