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Craig, I agree –
I was also a bit disappointed when I realized that Rick Schummer has switched his feeds to only showing the partial feed instead of the whole one. Update: Rick’s feed is a FULL text feed but Newsgator is only showing a few lines of posts done later on. I wonder why.

You can have a Feedburner that offers full feeds and another that offers only the partial feed (Feedburner calls this its Summary Burn).

This is kind of like what Steve has done on the Wiki – choose between Full, brief or title only for updates.

Another solution for you Craig – Fetchlinks. It’s a Newsgator plug-in that will actually download the entire piece into Newsgator (whoops – it’s for the desktop version only – i.e. Email version).

But I agree with you – I’m getting to the point where it makes more sense for me to stop subscribing to sites that don’t give me full text. (again)

3 thoughts on “Offering Multiple Feeds”

  1. Hey Andrew, my feeds are *full* feeds. It is my preference to have full feeds in the feeds I subscribe to, and thus have mine that way.

    It is not as if I care if people come to my site as I have no money making ads on my blog. I think this is the driving reason for some people. I also believe having people hit pages is the only way they know if people are visiting. In my case, I don’t care either way. People can visit if they like, or can live in their feedreader like I do.

  2. I agree with your take on it, Rick but it’s strange about your feeds.

    When I view your feeds in Newsgator, the first one shows the entire feed but the ones later on don’t.

    For example, your Lost In Trace article only shows 5 lines (which is what one would expect to see if only summaries were included) – I wonder if that’s what Craig was finding.

  3. Andrew – I’ve seen this a few times, and it’s not just Rick Schummer’s feed. I’ve seen it even with my own feed, which also publishes full text. Not sure what the cause is – it could be either the server or the feed reader, I suppose. In any case, I’ve found that deleting the item in my feed reader (not the whole feed, just the individual item) and then refreshing the feed usually brings back the entire text of the item. Of course, this assumes the item is still on the feed server, but if it’s a recent item it probably is.

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