Now this is coffee….Flava Pods

For Christmas, I received a great B&D Home CafĂ© system and so we were just aching to try some “other” coffees – not just the ones that came with it. Enter Flava Pods.

mmm….when you hear flavours like Mocha Cinnamon swirl or Cinnamon Bun, you’ve got to wonder if it will be anything like it. Wow! I think we are fairly early in their customer list (our invoice # was 927) and the package was hand-written, loved the personal touch!

The coffee? Excellent. Really enjoyable and it arrived with individual pod pockets (so each one is sealed separately). If you do have one of the various pod-based single-cup coffee makers, check out FlavaPods. Excellent stuff!

Flava Pods Rating
Cinnamon Sticky Bun: Heavier than most but you can detect the trace of sweet cinnamon. I have to try it again.

Mocha Cinnamon Swirl: Much more like cinnamon (to me, at least) – very yummy on cold days.

Breakfast Blend: Excellent morning and day coffee. I almost want to switch from my regular pot of coffee instantly. After a while though, a little weak.

Caramel Nut Crunch: I thought this would be better for the evenings but had it one afternoon. Wow! Full bodied but with that tint of caramel – definitely an A+.

Midnight Blend:

Vanilla Hazelnut:

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