No Drag and Drop?

As much as I like talking about Drag and Drop, I’m not always sold on its usefulness. So I immediately found this little article (found via Yahoo) interesting:

Sesame Software: going against the flow | The Register

One thing that bugs me about reading news articles online – the real lame ones never put links to the COMPANY (because they want all the links themselves) so here‘s where you can find Sesame Software and their Relational Junction ETL Manager (uh, I’ll just call it RJet!). a tool that lets you “Extract Transform and Load production data into your data warehouse. Integrate Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, and DB2 databases. Leverage your existing SQL skills with native SQL scripting, or use our SQL builder technology.” – oh yeah, did I mention? They have Visual FoxPro support coming soon.

What does it do? It links data together so you can copy your data from one or more tables into a target table. Sounds a bit like BizTalk functionality but it does kind of cool. Because of the way it’s built, it can move 2 million records an hour and only use 67 MB of memory. Is that a lot? Hard to say but I can certainly see why Drag and drop isn’t a huge need here. Sure dragging and dropping makes for great demo – but when you’re trying to integrate databases, it’s not about the demo – it’s about the DATA!!!