New Windows Flaw: End of the World? (Again!?!)

From Computer World: A widespread flaw affecting all Windows versions, including Windows Server 2003, is raising user doubts about the efficacy of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative.
You know, I appreciate being told about flaws. I even like getting bug fixes every now and then but for the media to decry flaws as though it shakes the foundation of a company is getting really tiring (does McNealy plant these people or the stories?)
As much as it sounds like heresy, software development is not a perfect science. As NASA has proven in the past, trying to account for every possible condition is virtually impossible. This is not to say that software should be full of holes but rather that I would rather be able to tell a company what to fix and have them fix it  – instead of having the media start predicting the uselessness of a company’s attempts to fix problems (or worldwide disaster, depending on the media).
I don’t want companies to say “we’re not releasing anything until it’s 100% bug free” because it will never be. If that were the case, car tires wouldn’t blow; houses wouldn’t burn down due to faulty wiring and the light bulb probably would have been banned because it has a nasty habit of burning out every now and then.