New updates coming down the pipe for VFP9

Rick writes about some of the news from the Microsoft MVP Summit – that there are updates coming down the pipe for VFP 9: one more cosmetic (in my mind – documentation updates) and one more important (a bug fix for a reporting error).

Regardless of whether this addresses your favorite VFP 9 SP2 bug, this is good news all around – because it does show a willingness on the part of Microsoft (ok, who am I kidding here – on the part of Alan (yag), Calvin, Milind, Richard and some others) to work with the VFP community and its effort to continue VFP.

Woody commented in an earlier post about the possibility of lawsuits against MS for breaking existing apps. I don’t think that will happen (while you can sue for your car having design flaws that kill, you can’t sue for your car breaking down – of course, someone could prove me wrong here).

In my case, I’m still optimistic about some other fixes – seems like the MVP summit had a lot of good feedback going both ways…

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