Name Your FoxPro

The SednaX admins have made a few noises about the need for a real “production” name for the SednaX project. (SednaX is a community-based initiative for add-ons to Visual FoxPro – since Microsoft code-named their next set of work Sedna, the SednaX kind of fit nicely). So the Name Your FoxPro poll results so far are favouring a VFPX (which is a play on VFP 10 as well as favoring the eXtended nature) but VFP.Next is also making a big play here.

You can vote here and don’t be afraid to add your own suggestions. You can already see some fun entries such as:


or perhaps one that speaks to some VFP developers feelings about MS, “Futility”.

It’s important to note that this is not about renaming FoxPro proper – it’s about getting a more public name for the SednaX work. Follow the discussion in the forum threads. The poll was simply put up to give an easy place to comment on it all.