Name Twins: Would the real Andrew MacNeill please stand up?

Markus Egger sent me an email over the weekend, noting “this is scary…”

Wrong spelling apart – what I found most interesting is that there is an Andrew McNeil who works as a senior product consultant for CIN Com in Australia with a comment like

“While legacy thinking may be a problem, ‘herd thinking’ may be an even greater contributor to problems in IT organizations,” McNeil says. “This thinking leads to a silver bullet mentality, which causes technologies to be over-hyped then subsequently [creates] a backlash.”

But of course, the first search result was from Mr. McNeil who is the director of Institute of Alcohol Studies, who “thinks a major factor in high consumption among young people is the affordability of alcohol,” (note only the Cached version of the site shows this reference anymore) and follows on with all kinds of funny comments like “Andrew, if you have the cojones to set me straight”

It reminds me of the days when Micromega had Andy Neil working for them and we always used to get confused on Compuserve.

Still happens a little bit even today.

But I suppose I should feel worse if my name was John Smith or worse Robert Scobel. In Canada, there’s a politican named Robert Scobel who’s running in Calgary. The sad thing? When you search for his name, 7 out of 10 Google results assumes you REALLY want this Scoble instead.

But maybe there is something similar between the two:

14. Best advice you have received (for running in an election)?

Honesty and integrity are your only platform.

Who is your “name twin”?