My last UMPC Post

Good to see that at least Scoble gets it – Ultra Mobile PC’s panned by New York Times

But forget about a high-powered laptop – a quick search shows you can get a regular TabletPC (with keyboard) for about the same price.

Maybe they should have simply looked at providing some of that UPMC software for those tablet PC users.

It’s really too bad because I’m genuinely excited by the technology but these aren’t supposed to be PCs – they are supposed to be MobilePCs (kind of like Windows CE), designed to change my life.

What did they used to say about Windows 3.x?

Oh yeah, “A pig in a dress is still a pig.”

If you want to introduce a consumer device, then price it like one (Nintendo gets it – Sony doesn’t) – obviously Microsft wasn’t able to convince their partners with the correct price either.