MSN Messenger Beta – Can’t Send Feedback yet

FYI – if you’re trying to send the MSN team feedback, you may need to wait a bit….Choosing Send Feedback from the Help menu gives you a “This Service is Currently Not Available” page.

It’s nice to know that even larger companies go through what every other developer else tries to avoid as well.

So here’s what I want:

– support for multiple logins (yes, login with two passports)

– custom status messages (MSN Messenger Plus has had it for a while now)

And why is there a menu option called Billing Information sending me to Blue Mountain? Seems like it should be called Add-Ons ($) or something else. Billing Information makes me feel like I’m going to start getting charged for Messenger.

MSN Messenger Beta: “Send Feedback: Tell us what you think. Send the MSN Messenger team feedback right from the MSN Messenger Help menu.”