MS Vista : Damned if you do and if you don’t

While I thought it was nice that Scoble didn’t try to explain it away, he is the one who kept on coming back and promoting why Vista was so much better than XP.

I’m excited by all the cool features but you know? Others are doing cool stuff today without Vista. Can MS hold onto the desktop for another year? Would it have been better to ship the product and then patches for 3-6 months afterwards? Only time will tell.

in the meantime, Mini has a great take on it –
Mini-Microsoft: Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now! – I can only imagine how all those PC vendors feel.

Maybe MS will come up with a bunch more GoLive licenses for Vista apps but in the meantime, it isn’t just the PC vendors who will feel it – it’s all those Application developers who are busy trying to make VERY cool products that will work with Vista and now, their applications will have to either a) only work with an OS out in another year OR b) backpedal functionality to support XP.

That’s too bad but in the end, it may not matter – especially if everyone starts living “Live” on the web or using a true web-based office solution.