MS Gets It – Why Doesn’t MSNBC?

It’s become rather obvious based on the immediate explosion of blogs at MS that they certainly see the benefit to RSS and the entire newsfeed concept. So one has to wonder why they haven’t put that over onto their partner network, MSNBC?
When you use NewsGator, you can automatically add known ‘real news’ news feeds and the biggest one is, arguably, the NY Times. Both CNN and MSNBC offer email alerts and yet searching their web site for “RSS feed” produces menial results, little articles about this “new way” of getting information.
I, for one, am slowly starting to cancel any email subscriptions I have, purely in favor of the RSS feed. (I say, slowly because if I tried to use Outlook’s Unread Messages folder, I would find about 25,000 unread messages from the various blogs I subscribe to).
Using NewsGator and LookOut in Outlook, I let it do the job of getting the news I want to read and then view it at my leisure.
Now that’s convenience.