MS Collaboration Next Gen

BillG – the real focus is on real-time collaboration.

This market is really heating up but not in a good way. Companies like Citrix are trying to offer lower-cost meetings but less functionality.

Webex and Live Meeting are great but expensive and the features require too much hand-holding to get people wrapped around. Setting up proper “recorded demo” pages and email tracking is still not easy enough. That’s a whole other topic.

But for basic meetings, what is really needed is an easy mechanism for recorded meetings.

In my opinion:
1. Resurrect MS Producer and integrate it with built-in polling and other useful features.

2. Have MS Producer automatically create OPML for it.

3. When recording demos and meetings, have an Office page that is automatically created as a “Home base” for these meetings.

Much like Live Meeting does for the live meetings (but they are too $$ for small businesses )

Hey wow – in a nutshell, turn MS Producer for PowerPoint into a Video Blogging/BlogCast tool. Now THAT would be very cool