More Tips for Kevin

Rick put up some good pointers for Kevin but didn’t answer one of his nightmares : speaking to an empty room.

While I can’t say what it means to speak to a completely empty room, I do know that some of the BEST sessions I’ve attended have been sparsely attended. Why? Because the speaker said “Forget about the big screen, let’s sit around and watch it on the laptop” – and between three people, went through the real content, got valuable information and the speaker got new ideas about how to make the session even better.

Yes – well attended sessions always feel good and provide lots of opportunity for feedback – but sparsely attended sessions can also be very valuable.

And of course, you can run through the material and THEN check out the other session

This is the first though that I heard about John Koziol’s session – wow – that would be a must-see.

Kevin Ragsdale : FoxForward is One Week Away