Model CEOs- Who do you trust?

Interesting article on the worst CEOs around.

I was surprised by the list but then when you consider the current stock prices, I guess not.

Ellison is no big surprise. The one thing that people who go up against Microsoft really need to consider is that the ones who do it successfully don’t make broad claims or try to “beat them legally”. They do it with product.

Oracle has a great enterprise database but the tools are terrible (why they can’t build a good GUI IDE is beyond me). But what makes it worse is that Ellison makes Scott McNealy (of Sun) look like a boy scout. He’s arrogant to the point of being rude whenever he talks about his competition and with what he is trying with PeopleSoft, he’s obviously lost his original belief in true capitalistic values.

Let the MARKET decide. Microsoft isn’t without fault in a lot of its licensing agreements. Do I trust Microsoft? Maybe the question should be Do I trust Microsoft’s lawyers in writing an agreement? Get rid of the lawyers and let the market decide fairly and unequivocally.

In the software arena, the market will decide (look at Quicken vs. Money for an old but meaningful example). I love Money but the latest version (2004) is actually harder to use than the 2000 version. MS doesn’t have to rely on agreements (despite what nay-sayers may think) – but I think now they end up simply defending past practices (rightly or wrongly), instead of saying “we’re wrong – let’s go it on our own”. They need to be more like their own development teams and just let the market go for it.

In the same vein, these noted CEOs have tried to buy their way to success instead of relying on their own ability. MS buys companies too but in the case of Oracle – they should realize that when the door is being slammed in their face for the umpteenth time, it’s time to go home.

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