Microsoft goes cross-platform with .Net – why not FoxPro?

Since Microsoft is going cross-platform with Silverlight and DotNet, it seems that instead of only encouraging Microsoft to reconsider VFP development, some energy might be better spent encouraging them to open up the VFP Eula to allow running on other platforms (such as done via the WINE project).

Some reasons to consider this:

1. It would not require Microsoft to deploy additional development resources into FoxPro – instead, it would require some legal resources to make a fairer licensing agreement.

2. Developers who have been looking for ways of deploying their local data applications on Linux have had to ignore the Microsoft name. If VFP applications were able to run on Linux, it could offer more credence to other Microsoft’s initiatives on those platforms.

3. You can do it already – save for the EULA. Whil Hentzen has shown this years ago. At that time, Microsoft then re-did their EULA preventing you from running VFP apps on anything other than a Windows desktop. But if Microsoft wants to go to great lengths in showing how “open” they are to other platforms, what better way than to free-up the current licenses that prevent this openness from showing forth.

Note: the issue in the EULA is under Distribution Restrictions which says “you may not….

distribute any distributable code that runs on any platform other than the Windows platform”

(as noted here)

I know there are many reasons why Microsoft will not do this – BUT, I bring it up simply as an alternative to attempting to persuade Microsoft to re-develop FoxPro – to allow a rich development tool be available everywhere it can be. Just a thought.

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