Micromega Systems – Business Analytics made easy

From a customer, to a trainer to a partner, Mr. MacNeill has provided Micromega Systems with the support for their leading edge Foxfire! Query & Reporting tool. Foxfire! is a reporting tool that produces easy to understand reports from information in a wide variety of data sources, including SQL Server, Excel, SQL Server Analysis Cubes, and more. Part of the value proposition with Foxfire! is taking data and turning it into a repository for easy reporting by end users. It’s first slogan was “the one minute report writer” and that has held true since it was developed in 1991.

As the lead architect for the Business Analysis Solutions, Mr. MacNeill created and maintained business data solutions, managing data cubes from SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and producing reporting solutions. Mr MacNeill:

  • Prepared, designed and developed Foxfire! 8+, next generation Query and Report Writer for both Windows and Web, managing contributing developers across North America
  • Designed data warehousing architectures and analysis cubes with a variety of sources, including SQL Server, and web APIs focusing on the integration 
  • Trained over 20 different organizations across North America in FoxPro development and Foxfire! Query and Report Writer, including NorTel, PSA Legal, RCMP
  • Provided technical support on Foxfire! Query and Report Writer for company’s over 1000 customers
  • Created and re-designed Foxfire! documentation and training materials
  • Designed and implemented online customer activation and management systemTechnologies Used: Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio 2005/2008, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, Javascript, COM development, XML, ProtectionPlus License Activation, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, FireBird, DB2, PostGreSQL, Access 

Technologies Used: SQL Server Analysis, SQL Server Reporting Services, Oracle, DB2, Visual FoxPro, Foxfire!