Micro Persuasion: MSN Virtual Earth and Media Embargoes

Steve Rubel notes MSN Virtual Earth a day before the official release (fresh from Scoble).

A google maps killer?

Ummm—maybe but maybe not.

I know MS is fairly US-centric but the fact that the satellite maps for Canada are only at 20 miles above and can’t zoom in further is concerning.

The zoom-ins around the world aren’t much better – I could get to 500 m of Northern England in Google maps but only

Running under Internet Explorer (instead of Firefox – should have known better) – is a lot better. I can zero right into Las Vegas (150 yards) but still can’t do around the world right. (max 15 miles in Northern England)

That said – The “Locate Me” feature rocks! So my question is: when can I say “I want to blog about this particular location”?

So it’s getting there – but is it a Google Map killer? Not yet.

Micro Persuasion: MSN Virtual Earth and Media Embargoes

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